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The Teaching Innovation Unit
at the IDC Herzliya

The Teaching Innovation unit's main goal is to establish an innovative high-quality teaching & learning environment at the IDC.


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Main Activities

Lecturer's "Tools Kit"

Building a Learning Technologies "Tools Kit" that contains various tools that were identified as tools that can contribute to the teaching / learning / evaluation processes.


Experiments & Implementation

Initiating & managing experiments and implementation plans for learning technologies & Teaching Innovation solutions at IDC's classes.


Multi-Directional Teaching Model
Developing a new teaching model (Multi-directional teaching).
In this model we aim to introduce a new dialog concept in IDC's classes, in order to give more focus on student's thoughts and ideas.


Future Academy Thinking Group
Leading a group of IDC's students, visioning the future of the academy.


Strategic Research
Investigating & analyzing the educational technology world trends.

A glimpse to our work

Concept video for a full online course: 21st Century challenges

Instructional Video: Showreel 2014 

Class Interactions: Prof. Niron Hashai, Business school

Instructional Video: Introduction to Computer Graphics